Device settingsΒΆ

Name Type Description
autoLockDelay number the delay for auto lock. If autoLockEnabled is set to true lock will automatically lock after specified delay
autoLockEnabled boolean if auto lock is enabled
autoLockImplicitDelay number the delay of auto lock from semi-locked state. If autoLockImplicitEnabled is set to true lock will automatically lock from semi-locked state after specified delay
autoLockImplicitEnabled boolean if auto lock from semi-locked state is enabled
autoPullSpringEnabled boolean auto pull spring is enabled. If enabled during unlocking process lock will also perform pull spring
buttonLockEnabled boolean if locking on button is enabled
buttonUnlockEnabled boolean if unlocking on button is enabled
postponedLockDelay number postponed delay time of lock. If postponedLockEnabled is set to true locking on button will be postponed by specified delay
postponedLockEnabled boolean if postponed lock is enabled
pullSpringDuration number the duration of pull spring
pullSpringEnabled boolean if pull spring is enabled. Setting it to false will reset pull spring calibration