Name Type Description
accessLevel Access level current user access level
beaconMajor number identifies and distinguishes group of beacons
beaconMinor number identifies individual beacon within a group of beacons assigned a major value
connectedToId number id of bridge that lock is connected to
connectedToKeypadId number id of keypad that lock is paired with
created datetime when lock was added to user account
deviceRevision number current lock revision on the device
deviceSettings Device settings current device settings
id number lock id
isConnected boolean is lock connected to bridge
lockProperties Lock properties current lock status and properties
name string lock name
organizationId integer id of organization that lock is connected to
organizationName string name of organization that lock is connected to
organizationSlug string unique, custom url of organization
revision number current lock revision in database
serialNumber string lock serial number
shareDetails Share details share details of current user for that device
softwareVersions Software version software versions of the device
targetDeviceRevision number revision info that is sent to device from backend
timeZone string timezone of lock
type Device type device type
userIdentity string lock owner identity
userSettings Lock user settings settings of current user for that device