Name Type Description
accessLevel Access level current user access level
created datetime when gate was added to user account
deviceRevision number current gate revision on the device
externalId string id of gate in external system
externalName string name of gate in external system
externalType string type of gate in external system
impulseLength number length of the gate opening time in miliseconds
icon Gate icon gate icon
id number id
isConnected boolean gate connection status
isPresentInExternal boolean informs if gate is present in external system
location Location location of gate
name string gate name in Tedee system
organizationId integer id of organization that gate is connected to
revision number current gate revision
serialNumber string gate serial number
shareDetails Share details share details of current user for that device
softwareVersions Software version software versions of the device
targetDeviceRevision number revision info that is sent to device from backend
timeZone string timezone of gate
type Device type device type
userIdentity string gate owner identity
userSettings Gate user settings user settings of gate