Logo guideliness

If you want to use the tedee logo in your applicaton / plugin / extension, it must meet some requirements.

Logo variations

You can use tedee logo in two different variations: full logo - contain sign with full tedee symbol, second option is only a ‘t’ symbol on blue background.

tedee logo

Safe areas

The protective field defines the minimal area around the logo, where no other text or graphic may appear. The protective field is based on the height of the sign.

tedee logo safe areas

Main colour

The main brand colour is shade of blue.

tedee logo main colour

List of don’ts

Do not modify the logos in any way, other than resizing. If you need to resize, preserve the ratio, and ensure the badge is legible and fully visible.

tedee logo don'ts


You can only use ‘tedee’ word, as a name. Do not attempt to add some words to it, like ‘tedee smarthome’, ‘tedee-lock’. For example, find out screen with tedee application for iOS.

tedee logo don'ts