Release notes


  • added a new API version 1.19
  • added timezone for lock and bridge devices
  • removed “Put” endpoint and added “Patch” endpoint to bridge update


  • added a new API version 1.18
  • removed “unregister” endpoint from StandardNotificationHub


  • added a new API version 1.17
  • added endpoint to check close/open/pull operation status
  • changed response for close/open/pull operation request (added “lastStateChangedDate” and changed result code to 202 Accepted)
  • added “lastStateChangedDate” and “stateChangeResult” to all endpoints returning Lock state


  • added a new API version 1.16
  • all user settings moved to a new “userSettings” property in the Lock type
  • removed “bridgeId” property from the Lock type
  • removed “connectedToId”, “iotDeviceName” and “voipNumber” properties from Bridge type


  • removed API versions 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12
  • added information about an ongoing bridge software update
  • lock state returned as an enum


  • scopes applied to all API endpoints
  • added new endpoints for lock synchronization
  • API versions in swagger sorted in descending order