Release notes


  • added a new API version 1.29
  • changed HoldToUnlock user setting type to enum


  • added a new API version 1.28
  • removed old organization endpoints
  • unified schema of organization/device area


  • added a new API version 1.27
  • removed unlocked notification from global user settings


  • added a new API version 1.26
  • added support for device notification settings
  • added paging and filtering to my/lock endpoint
  • added IncludeOrganization parameter to my/lock endpoint


  • added new user setting on lock device for WiFi checking in auto-unlock


  • added new keypad device setting for enable/disable lock action by keypad button
  • added new events to device activity logs (LockedByKeypadWithPin and LockedByKeypadWithoutPin)


  • removed API version 1.9
  • added automatic keypad pairing with bridge when keypad is paired with lock


  • added a new API version 1.25
  • added new keypad device setting with battery type
  • added restriction for sound volume values in keypad


  • added a new API version 1.24
  • added new keypad device setting for enable/disable bell button


  • added a new API version 1.23
  • changed data type of mobile device identifier from int to guid


  • added “Other” operating system in POST mobile endpoint


  • added timezone validation for devices
  • added endpoints for keypad pin list management
  • added request rate limit in lock sync endpoints
  • added “my” prefix in personal access key endpoints
  • sending e-mail after creating personal access key


  • added a new API version 1.22
  • removed “accessType” property from POST/PATCH endpoints for device share
  • max expiration date for personal access key set to 5 years
  • changed default mode in unlock operation to “not pull” and added new “unlock or pull spring” mode, which allows to perform pull when lock is in unlocked state


  • added user authentication based on personal access key
  • allowed to set recurring device share only with start/end times or week days


  • added a new API version 1.21
  • fixed issue with deleting bridge


  • added a new API version 1.20
  • endpoints for lock/unlock/pull operations refactored to have all parameters in path instead of in body
  • added “without auto pull spring” mode in unlock operation endpoint


  • endpoints for pairing/unpairing keypad with lock moved to Lock area
  • added information about keypad paired with lock (“connectedToKeypadId” property in Lock type)


  • added endpoints to pair/unpair keypad with lock
  • added timezone for keypad device
  • fix: cannot remove device share when device is in organization


  • added endpoints to manage keypad devices


  • added a new API version 1.19
  • added timezone for lock and bridge devices
  • removed PUT endpoint and added PATCH endpoint to bridge update


  • added a new API version 1.18
  • removed “unregister” endpoint from StandardNotificationHub


  • added a new API version 1.17
  • added endpoint to check close/open/pull operation status
  • changed response for close/open/pull operation request (added “lastStateChangedDate” and changed result code to 202 Accepted)
  • added “lastStateChangedDate” and “stateChangeResult” to all endpoints returning Lock state


  • added a new API version 1.16
  • all user settings moved to a new “userSettings” property in the Lock type
  • removed “bridgeId” property from the Lock type
  • removed “connectedToId”, “iotDeviceName” and “voipNumber” properties from Bridge type


  • removed API versions 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12
  • added information about an ongoing bridge software update
  • lock state returned as an enum


  • scopes applied to all API endpoints
  • added new endpoints for lock synchronization
  • API versions in swagger sorted in descending order